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Our Mission

Through A Parent's Tears

Mission Statement


Through a Parent’s Tears; Family Stories of Healing is a groundbreaking documentary about losing a child to suicide as told by parents. Our mission is to educate the public about how counseling, psychiatry, and mediumship can work together to help families heal from the devastating loss of a child.

Because of her proven and unique ability to communicate with those who have passed, Melinda brought comfort and love to the healing process. By sharing their messages, she helped the parents connect with the children they lost. These stories expose raw, heart-wrenching memories amid tears and laughter. But most significantly, we watch as parents catch glimpses of the hopeful transformations their children are experiencing on the other side.


Along the way, we learn about issues surrounding suicide awareness and prevention, treatment choices, and dealing with loss. We are also introduced to the concept of "Karmic Profiling," a deeper understanding of self and the soul's journey. This important film demonstrates the role that spiritual and metaphysical treatment play in promoting healing from loss. Families, counselors, therapists, and other providers who watch the film will better understand the work of an intuitive therapist.

Find out how these extraordinary life experiences help those who have lost loved ones recover and begin to accept their new normal. A film by Emmy-Award winning producer/director Rees W. Candee. Documentary run time: 56:00 minutes.

To learn more about Melinda Vail, the Medium Who Makes a Difference, please visit www.melindavail.com


What We Do

The Message: Through a Parent’s Tears; Family Stories of Healing is a film project that was created to increase awareness about suicide, prevention, and recovery from suicide loss. So many families have endured suicide loss without knowing the why. What could have caused a child or young adult to take their life? How could they have prevented it? The causes are different for every person, but there are recurring themes that usually run through each story. Suicide can be linked to grief, depression, physical or emotional pain, or it can happen by accident. Usually, there is a ‘perfect storm,’ multiple factors or events that result in the decision to find a permanent end to pain and suffering.

Those who are left behind suffer from loss, grief, and feelings of guilt. Desperate to understand the reasons behind the death, they seek answers from whatever sources are at hand. But those who are willing to extend the search beyond the typical avenues of counseling and therapy may find the answers in the metaphysical world. Being open to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses leads them down a spiritual path. Through learning about the journey of the soul and understanding the connections between the choices people make and their Karmic Profiles, families come to understand what may cause people to choose death over life. Melinda teaches others how to tap into their spiritual essence by providing the necessary tools to understand the energetic patterns created in childhood, which may prohibit balance in adulthood.

The purpose of this documentary is to look deeply into the journeys of the eight families as they describe candidly and emotionally what path their child moved through that led the child to take their life. Each family has a unique story, yet there are common threads that tie all eight stories of suicide together. What each family relates is important to the emotional and sympathetic involvement of the audience. This is real, it is raw, and it clearly illustrates how communication with a loved one who has passed brings comfort and understanding to their families. Melinda Vail is featured prominently as the interviewer for each family. An experienced medium, she shares specific, evidential information with each family from their child. The interviews leave the audience with no doubt that those children are alive and well on the other side.

Through a Parent’s Tears; Family Stories of Healing is a film project that goes beyond increasing awareness about suicide, prevention, and recovery from suicide loss. It will let the concept of metaphysics as a true science out of the closet. The film provides irrefutable evidence that our loved ones are still with us on the other side of the veil. We may not see them, but if we pay attention, we will receive their messages of love and support as we go on with our lives without them. If you are drawn to this project and would like to contribute your support, your help would be appreciated. The initial channel for distribution will be PBS. Our director and executive producer, Rees Candee, has won an Emmy for a documentary featured on PBS. The time has come to create a vehicle that can address healing, understanding, and teaching that truly revolutionizes a very painful and sad subject. Through A Parent’s Tears is that vehicle. This ambitious project has a total cost estimate of $104,000.00. Please contact Through A Parent’s Tears for additional information on how you can help bring this important documentary to life.

Thank You For Your Generosity